Very excited to announce that I have been triple cast in Baltimore Shakespeare Factory's Summer 2014 production of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing playing Dogberry, Balthasar and Ursula! The Baltimore Shakespeare Factory (BSF) reproduces the staging conditions that Shakespeare used to produce his plays on the Elizabethan stages of the 1590's. Productions use universal lighting, allowing the actors to see and interact with the audience. Just as Shakespeare’s actors would have entertained audiences with the songs of the day, BSF actors perform modern music (thematically related to the show) prior to the show and during intermission. BSF also makes liberal use of cross-gender casting as a nod to the conventions of the Elizabethan stage—since women weren’t allowed to perform in Shakespeare’s time, all his female roles were originally played by boys. Productions regularly feature women playing the parts of men and men playing the parts of women. Based on a love of Shakespeare's language the BSF ensures a modern audiences enjoyment and understanding without compromising Shakespeare's original text.