"Rounding out this exceptional cast is Sean Elias as Guiseppe Zangara. Elias flawlessly expresses the sternness of the character, and has an invigorating presence." - Theatre Sensation

"...Sean Elias as Giuseppe Zangara...reveal[s] the anger, frustration, and alienation that drove the crazed gunmen to strike out." - DC Metro Theatre Arts

"There are so many talented men in the cast the stage nearly ignites into flames fueled by the spontaneous combustion of testosterone"  - Philly Gay Calendar

Caps for Sale: The Musical

"...The cast is it insulting to the cast to state that they are perfect monkeys? Cuz they are..." - DC Theatre Scene

"...Sean Elias [and others] play the busy townspeople...There is so much energy in their opening number, it is easy to tell that all of these wonderfully talented actors are giving their all and thoroughly enjoy their characters." - MD Theatre Guide

"...the entire ensemble is strong...[there's] a freedom in their roles that greatly adds to the production's humor and fun"  - Broadway World

"The actors are really quite good, probably some of the best children's theater we've seen." - Our Kids


" ambitious undertaking blending top young talent with seasoned professionals on a prestigious stage, and man does it pop and zing!" - DC Theatre Scene

"...the bright-eyed young members of the ensemble sound fantastic." - MD Theatre Guide

"The young cast make for an extraordinarily tight ensemble, totally nailing the lively choreography."  - Our Kids

"...the amazing cast works together seamlessly" - DC Metro Theatre Arts

Into the Woods

"Connell and Elias prove to be a great comedic pair. Both are versatile performers with extraordinary singing abilities." - Stage Magazine

"While the ensemble was terrific as a whole, I did have some favorites. Ironically, the first actor to catch my attention had not “uddered” a word yet. Sean Elias played Milky White [and Rapunzel's Prince], totally engaging his audience with his tongue in cheek performance." - Stage Magazine

"From the solid casting with not a weak member in the lot, the standout performances go to Jeff Reim (The Baker), Sean Elias (Milky White/Rapunzel's Prince) and Will Connell as Jack (of Jack and the beanstalk fame)."  - Broadway World

"Song highlights [are] "Giants in the Sky" (Will Connell) [and] "Agony" (Tom Craig and Sean Elias)." - Broadway World

"Sean Elias and Tim Rinehart delivered appropriately solipsistic performances as the two Princes." - OnStage Blog

"Mr. Corsi has an impressive company of performers assembled for this production....a slew of excellent performances!" - OnStage Blog

Much Ado About Nothing

"Elias, who doubles as the lovely singing Balthazar and Dogberry, has hilarious charm as the good lady Ursula. His dulcet tones harp well upon the audience’s ear when singing as Balthazar and his flamboyant over-the-top performance as Dogberry is one of the most memorable in the production." - DC Metro Theatre Arts

"...Fortunately, these failures are overcome by the sheer comic vitality of Rossman, Simmons, Thomas, and Elias." - CityPaper

"His [Sean's] true theatrical nature blazes through in the “I am an ass!” scene, a startling and hilarious moment which favors his sassy and histrionic nature." - DC Metro Theatre Arts

"When, as Dogberry, Leonato’s head of security, Sean Elias mercilessly mangles the English language, he does so with boastful pomposity, as if showing off his education." - CityPaper

The Homo Poe Show

"...Both performers [Elias & Rossman] are fully present in their quirky delivery of these two characters that are no stranger to Poe’s work." - DC Metro Theatre Arts

"What makes this piece work effectively...the solid acting of Sean Elias as the central character Billy..." - MD Theatre Guide